Program for changing habits to gain vitality and weight improvement

This program is intended for people who need to improve their vitality, energy and their weight. It is not designed only for those needing to lose some weight. The same pronciples apply also for people who need to gain some weight, some muscle, to improve their energy and vitality.

hubnutí bez diety

About the program

Within this program, we will not target only the problem of your weight. It can be tempting to try to approach simplistically a problem and assume that a particular symptom, such as overweight, will always be caused by a specific single factor, such as the amount of food. It’s much more complex.

We will work on more levels: physical, psychological, habitual and emotional. In my coaching, I use the principles of the psychology of eating, because:

Our relationship with food is about the relationship we have with ourselves.

Recently, neuroscience has found that change of habits needs to be targeted at all levels: physical, mental and psyshical. Therefore, the basis of this program is to strengthen yourself through knowledge and understanding so that you can build the foundations of the right self-confidence, self-consciousness and self-love. You must first believe for yourself that you can do it. These is the foundation and without it sustainable change cannot be created.

The result of this program:

  • Your body will be slimmer and toned
  • You will have more energy
  • You will get rid of your bad habits or addiction
  • You will not be a slave to your urging tastes
  • You will feel good in your body
  • You will look forward to the next stages of your life
  • And, most importantly: change will be long-term and sustainable

Weight loss is not possible without support

The hardest part of change is not to repeat the same choices as before. However, the body requires the chemicals it is used to, it sends signals to the brain that it is not feeling well. Thoughts will come like: start tomorrow, I’ll have one more piece for the last time, I will start on Monday, I give up and start again tomorrow. If we listen to this voice and return to the old habits, we feel good for a while, because it is a familiar feeling. But our mind does not go against us, it just forces us to do what we are used to. The way we think and feel changes slowly and gradually. But then the change is permanent.

The consolidated procedures and methods that I have used in this program (from nutritional information, through, psychology of eating, detox and cleansing to working with the body’s energy) are strong in their synergetic effect. At the same time, each of them will bring visible results on its own.

In addition to mapping and transforming inappropriate habits, I will guide you and advise you from food shopping, through the basics of easy cooking to make proper choices in restaurants and so on.

You will get information about the basics of nutritional values ​​of foods, their combinations, including information on how to prepare it. And if it is suitable for you, we can plan the menu in advance. We choose together what food you will cook / eat for the next two or three days, and shop accordingly. This way, when you have to prepare food, you know what the plan is and you are ready to act.

Information about nutrition is not intended to limit you. On the contrary, they will show you that there are so many choices and options. I want you to make better choices and have fun at the same time. To enjoy the transition and at the same time realize that the health and beauty of your body is really in your hands. Don’t believe that a diet or any diet pills will solve it for you. The path to vitality and the right weight is not a punishment, it is not about limiting oneself. It is a gift that you can give to yourself. And I can show you how, module by module. If you are ready for change, you can book below a first free of charge introductory consultation for 30 min.

I am looking forward to you!

Program lenght: depends on your current situation and the way you incorporate new habits in your life, it could take up to several months

Consultations frequency (personal or online): usually once a week, other frequencies based on agreement

Consultation fees: monthly fee depends on the lenght of time we work together. The longer we work together the less your monthly fee is.

Some people need only one month coaching, some people need more time to get the needed results. From my experince, there is an average of 3 to 4 months to make sure the new habits are properly understood and implemented.

* first introductory consultation for 30 min. free of charge

*Before beginnig the program, I advice you to get blood test either at your practitioner or at any medical laboratory (I can give you advice where to get it)

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